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Conga Support

Troubleshooting Tips for Conga Trigger Solutions

When troubleshooting, one of the first things to review is the Conga Trigger formula field.  The primary factors that affect this field’s behavior are:

  • Field accessibility (the field is restricted to certain profiles)

  • Whether it contains a value

  • The field contains or references fields containing ampersands that don't have spaces around them when intended as data

    A field value of Ben&Jerry's will cause an error. However, a field value of Ben & Jerry's does not. Conga Trigger can't distinguish between the data and the parameters if the ampersands within the data aren’t surrounded by spaces.

The user who initiates the workflow process must have the "Send Outbound Messages" permission enabled, otherwise the email will not be sent. The User to Send As is the user under whose authority Conga Trigger will run.  It is highly recommended that the User to Send As is a full System Administrator and has a Composer license.  Ensure that this user is active and has access to all components used in the Conga Trigger solution (reports, queries, objects, fields, email privileges, eSignature privileges), as well as access to the Conga Trigger formula field.