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Conga Trigger daily limit email alerts

You can set up an email alert to subscribers when an Org's daily Conga Trigger is nearing its limit set by the administrator. The administrator can set an email alert based upon a percentage of their Conga Trigger Usage status. The Conga Trigger Dashboard now contains two new fields for alerts: Alert Percent and Email Alert To

  • Alert Percent - Can be set to 1 to 100 percent once the user's Conga Trigger usage per 24 hours reaches its threshold an email alerting the user triggers.
  • Email Alert To - Email address for the user to be alerted once Alert Percent threshold is reached.

To set up Conga Trigger usage limit email alerts:

  1. Navigate to the Conga Trigger Dashboard tab in Salesforce.
  2. In the Alert Percent field enter or select the percentage of Conga Triggers out of the daily maximum allotment for your org when an Alert email is triggered.
  3. In the Email Alert To field enter the email who the alert is sent to.
  4. Click Save Conga Trigger Usage Alert to save your settings.

The email alert is only sent once per 24 hours when the threshold is reached.

To remove the Conga Trigger usage alert, simply remove the email address from the Email Alert To field and click Save.


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