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Conga Support

Add a Template to Conga Template Manager

Conga® Templates, also know as Conga Template Manager, is a custom object included with the Conga Composer® application. The Conga Template Manager stores document templates for Conga Composer and Conga Mail Merge processes.


To add a template to the Conga Template Manager:

Before You Begin: The document template must exist.

  1. Navigate to the Conga Templates tab.

  2. Click New.

  3. On the Conga Template Edit page, in the Name field, type a name for the template.

    The template will appear in the template list in Composer with this name.

  4. (Optional) In the Template Group field, type a template group name (if using the TemplateGroup parameter).

  5. In the Template Type field, select the type of template to add.

  6. (Optional) In the Master Field to Set fields, enter up to three master fields to update whenever the template is merged.

    Follow the syntax as specified in the Help Text on the field (in Salesforce®).

  7. Click Save to save the template record in the Conga Template Manager.

    The template record is created and the Conga Template page appears.

  8. On the Conga Template page, click Attach File.

    The Attach File to Conga Template page appears.

  9. Click Choose File, select the document template to use, and then click Open.

  10. Click Attach File.

  11. Click Done.

If templates do not populate in the list when "Choose a template from" is selected, see Template Troubleshooting Tips.

Do not use a colon in document file names.


If Salesforce Files are enabled in your org, Mail Merge does not recognize a Conga Template containing a Salesforce         File. An immediate workaround is to change the Salesforce Files settings in your org to use Attachments, upload the file as         an Attachment, and then re-enable the Salesforce setting to upload documents as Salesforce Files.