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Use the Template Builder to Construct your Template

An essential tool in the development of Conga Composer® solutions is the Template Builder.

The Template Builder is located in the Tools & Settings drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Conga Composer page.

The Template Builder exposes the data retrieved by Conga Composer from the Master Object and from any Salesforce® Reports or Conga Queries referenced in the Conga Composer URL.

The field names listed in the left pane indicate the field names you must use in your templates.  The field names displayed here will be used to create merge fields on your Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Email or PDF template which will populate the corresponding data from Salesforce.

1 Use the Filter box to quickly locate data fields that match your search terms.
2 Click the plus sign next to a data set to expand it to see and select data fields.
3 Use arrows to move selected data to and from the template work area.
4 Stage data fields and tables of repeating data in the template work area before adding the fields to the template.
5 Choose the type of template you are building, as well as whether to use text-based merge fields and labels as data fields are moved to the template work area.
6 Select fields in the template work area and then use the buttons to copy and paste fields to your template or let Template Builder create and populate a new template. You can also copy and paste or drag and drop fields from the template work area to an open template document.

View Data (available from the Tools & Settings menu on the Conga Composer window) will download the available data fields into an Excel workbook.

The Template Builder supports multiple template types. By default it is set to create text-based merge fields for Microsoft Word.

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