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Conga Support

Conga Email Template Special Merge Fields

Conga Email Templates have a rich variety of tools, which are similar to the features available in Conga templates built in Microsoft Word. 

The following features are available:

  • Merge data fields from the Master, Org and User datasets. For more information, see Create a Conga Email Template

  • Merge Report and Query fields using Table- and Paragraph-based Detail Regions. For example Word templates, create a table and include a {{TableStart:DataSet}} and a {{TableEnd:DataSet}} field to indicate where detail data should be located. Insert merge fields from the detail region in the cells between the TableStart and TableEnd.

  You cannot add detail data to the Subject line of a Conga Email Template.

  • Hide tables based on the absence of rows on a Report or Query using TableHide. Within a table, include a {{TableHide:DataSet}} field to indicate that you want the table removed if no data is available in the dataset.

  • Calculate the sum of a table column using SUM(ABOVE). Find the sum of a column of numbers by appending a blank row to a table, and creating a SUM(ABOVE) field with {{ =SUM(Above) \# Currency}

  • Display a comma-separated list of Report or Query values using TableList. You can display a list of detail values with {{TableList:DataSetName:FieldName:Punctuation}}

  • Merge images into Image fields. Insert images using a {{IMAGE:MergeFieldName}} merge field.

  • Generate Hyperlink fields. Create dynamic hyperlinks by including a {{HYPERLINK:MergeFieldName}} field. The field from Salesforce must contain an “absolute” (complete) URL. Optionally, you can include a colon (:) after the merge field name, followed by “friendly” text to display as the clickable link, rather than simply merging the URL.  For example: {{HYPERLINK:ACCOUNT_WEBSITE:Click Here}}

  To merge images within a Conga Email Template in Lightning, such as a company logo, users must upload the image as a Document in Salesforce Classic and check the Externally Available Image field for that Document record.