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Conga Support

About Conga Email Templates

Conga Composer can merge Salesforce data into an HTML email document.

With Conga Email, you create a template record in the new custom object included when you install Conga from the AppExchange.  Then, you build a merge template in the record's Rich Text field using the Conga Advanced Editor.

Conga Composer collects the information from Salesforce and assembles the HTML rich-text email but does not send it. Emails are sent through the Salesforce email service or SendGrid, if you have it enabled.

Salesforce limits the number of emails that can be sent through the API each 24 hours. Contact Salesforce Support for details on the limitation of your instance.

Once the daily API email limit is exceeded, the Composer/Conga Batch/Conga Trigger processes return the following error:
"Problem: ERROR: Email delivery failed: SINGLE_EMAIL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.Failed to send email."

If your email volume exceeds the Salesforce limit, you can integrate SendGrid email delivery service in your Conga Composer solutions. For more information, contact SendGrid

A Conga HTML email template can:

  • Merge data fields from the Master, Org, and User datasets.
  • Merge report and query fields using table- and paragraph-based detail regions.
  • Hide tables based on the absence of rows on a report or query using TableHide.
  • Calculate the sum of a table column using SUM(ABOVE).
  • Display a comma-separated list of report or query values using TableList.
  • Merge images into image fields.
  • Generate hyperlink fields.
  • Replace merge data values using the REPLACE: prefix.

When merging rich text fields in Conga HTML Email Templates, Conga Composer will automatically read the HTML code behind a rich text field and render the rich text.  Therefore, the "HTML:" prefix is not necessary on the merge field for a rich text field.

A Conga HTML email template may be combined with one or more document templates. Outgoing emails may be delivered via Salesforce email as well as through Conga Composer's integration with SendGrid.

If you plan to use Conga HTML email templates with custom objects in Salesforce, you must ensure the object has Allow Activities enabled in the Custom Object definition.