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Format Merge Fields in a Conga Email Template

Similar to merge fields in Microsoft Word templates, merge fields in HTML email templates provide several formatting switches (called “picture switches”) that affect the appearance of your merged data – this is invaluable, particularly for numbers and dates.  You can use the Template Builder to add these picture switches to your merge fields so the merged data is correctly formatted in your email. Alternately, you can manually add a picture switch to your field by simply typing it into your merge field in the HTML email template.

To manually add a picture switch to a merge field:

  1. Click after the merge field name, but inside the double curly braces.

  2. Type a space and picture switch.


You can format the following types of fields:


Here are several common examples of the date appearance parameter. Suppose that the field is OPPORTUNITY_CLOSEDATE and it contains the date March 1, 2014.

Date Format Examples





If the result contains spaces, enclose the formatting code in straight quotes.


Mar 01, 2014


March 1, 2014

Date and Time Format Examples

{{OPPORTUNITY_DATE_AND_TIME \@ "MM-dd-yyyy, at h:mm"}}

08-22-2016, at 12:03

{{OPPORTUNITY_DATE_AND_TIME \@ "MMM dd, yyyy, h:mm"}}

Aug 22, 2016, 12:03