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Conga Support

Conga Email Template FAQs

Is it possible to add a reusable logo to all of the outbound messages?

Yes. Included with Composer is a Conga Email Letterhead which may be customized to include a logo, to modify colors, etc. Changes to this letterhead will be automatically included in subsequent use of Conga Email Templates.

Conga Email Templates are built with HTML. Do I need to know much about HTML?

Although a little experience with HTML would be useful, you do not need to be an expert in HTML because of the Conga Advanced Editor. Using HTML templates makes sense for Conga Email Templates because they are easy to format and can include tables.

What if the recipient cannot open HTML emails?

Conga includes a plain-text version of the email along with the HTML version. Special formatting and tables, however, will not look good in the plain-text version.

What best practices can you suggest for developing Conga Email Templates?

We have several suggestions that should help streamline Conga Email Templates:

  1. Keep it simple. An HTML email is not a website.
  2. Use images sparingly and make sure they are stored in Salesforce or on your own server.
  3. Use simple tables to align data. A cascading style sheet (CSS) is useful for websites, but many email clients do not work well with CSS.
  4. If you do use some CSS, include it inline.

Is it Possible to use report data or detail data merge fields in the subject line?

Only master data merge fields will work in the email subject line of a Conga email template. 

 Conga's email functionality does not currently work with Salesforce InBox, Email Relay or Salesforce integration with Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 or Google Gmail.