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Watermark Special Merge Field in PDF Templates

You can add a watermark to PDF documents by using a special merge field. Here are the specifications.

Depending upon the length and complexity of the Watermark, this functionality may increase the file size of the output file by up to 50%.

Watermark merge field format:

To specify custom values, use this format:


To use default values (see table below), use this format:


A total of three lines of text are available in a PDF Watermark. To add a line break to your Watermark, use the web encoded syntax for a line break -- "%0D%0A"

Field Default Value
Font Helvetica
Font Size 72


Value must be between -90 and 90.



Value must be between 1 (fully transparent) and 100 (opaque).



Value can be a hex value or a color from this KnownColor Enumeration list.

Allowed Fonts:

Courier Helvetica-BoldOblique
Courier-Bold Helvetica-Oblique
Courier-BoldOblique Times-Roman
Courier-Oblique Times-Bold
Helvetica Times-BoldItalic
Helvetica-Bold Times-Italic