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Designing PDF Merge Templates

Conga Composer can merge data into a PDF template.

 PDF templates only work with Conga Composer, not Conga Mail Merge.

What exactly is a PDF template?

It’s a PDF file that contains one or more merge fields. It’s important to note that the term “PDF template” does not mean taking a Word or Excel template, merging data to it and then converting it to PDF (which Conga Composer does quite nicely).

No, we’re talking about starting with a PDF – usually a form designed by a graphic artist or a government agency – to which a layer of PDF fields are added. Common uses for this kind of merge template are US Government W-9 Employment forms and bank loan application forms.

So, if you have a PDF to which you’d like to add fields and so you can merge data, you’re in the right place. We’ll examine how to create and edit PDF fields.

If you’re using Adobe eSign to get your documents signed, you should know you can use PDF merge templates to gather information from your signers, determine the position of signatures in the document and more. See Adobe eSign integration parameters for more information.

Before You Get Started

These instructions assume the following:

You also need software to edit PDF templates such as Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.

Adobe LiveCycle PDFs are not supported because LiveCycle modifies merge field names.

While rights can be granted to Adobe Reader users (or are standard rights for Adobe Acrobat users) to allow for saving of data in fillable or non-fillable PDF forms, these capabilities are not supported by Conga Composer. Please see this article, “Enable Reader users to save form data,“ on the Adobe support site for further details on these Adobe rights. Users will not be able to edit the PDF form in any way once it has been generated via the Conga Composer merge process.

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