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Add a Group Detail Region on a PowerPoint Template

You can group text boxes, shapes, and picture frames within a shape and create a group-based detail region. Conga Composer repeats the grouped-shape for each row of detail data.

To create a group detail region:

  1. In Template Builder, locate a field from a Report Data dataset that contains multiple rows of data.

  2. Copy the field to the clipboard.

  3. In PowerPoint, insert a shape to act as the boundary of the detail region.

  4. Within the boundary shape, insert Text Boxes, Shapes or Picture Frames to serve as the merge fields for each row of detail data.

    You may also refer to Master Fields

  5. Select all of the individual elements plus the boundary element. 

  6. Group them by choosing Arrange > Group in the Drawing group.

  7. In PowerPoint, open the Size & Position dialog box.

    Right-click the object and click Size & Position.


    From the Ribbon:

    1. Select the grouped object.
    2. Select the Format ribbon.
    3. Click the lower-right corner of the Size group.

  8. Click the AltText tab on the Size & Position dialog box.

  9. On the Size & Position dialog box, type {{GroupRepeat:DatasetName}}, where DatasetName is the name of the report dataset.

  10. Save your work.

When merged, the output of the Group-based Detail Region from Conga appears similar to this:

To learn more about merging images, please see Image Merge Fields.

If the detail data set has no data, the Group with GroupRepeat is removed. Consider combining this feature with SlideHide, which would remove the entire slide under certain conditions.

GroupRepeat will generate slides for the first 50 rows of data in the data set.

A slide may only contain one GroupRepeat field

Use “simple” field names within Detail Regions. Do not include DatasetName to refer to the dataset since the dataset is identified by the Grouped object.