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Grouping Detail Data with TableGroupStart in PowerPoint

You can group detail-data in PowerPoint PPTX templates, much as you would in a Word template, by including a TableGroupStart: merge field on the first row of a detail table.  Each resulting group is placed on its own slide.

The syntax for a PPTX TableGroupStart field is:


followed by static text and standard merge fields from the dataset to display for each grouping. 

The {{TableGroupStart}} field must be placed in the first row of the table, and it must be followed by a standard {{TableStart}} / {{TableEnd}} detail region.

This field

Results in:

TableGroup is supported only in Conga Composer, not Conga Mail Merge.

Only one TableGroup or TableGroupStart may be used per dataset.  You may duplicate a dataset in order to use an additional TableGroup or TableGroupStart; ensure you give this dataset a unique alias.