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HTML Fields in PowerPoint

Conga Composer can render Salesforce fields that contain HTML formatting codes as PowerPoint rich-text.  This is particularly useful for long text fields that contain the HTML “<br />” (line break) code and for Salesforce Rich Text fields.  With this kind of merge field, Conga renders the “<br />” tags as line-breaks.

Type HTML: to the left of the field name. Include the colon, but no spaces.


The output from this merge field looks like:

This is my bold value

Use “simple” field names with this feature, i.e., do not refer to DatasetName. 

HTML fields work only with Master data and SlideRepeat Detail Regions

Images stored directly in Rich Text fields are not supported.

To retrieve the rich text formatting, any rich text fields that are part of detail data need to be retrieved via a query rather than a report.

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