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Hyperlink Fields in PowerPoint

Conga Composer can render Salesforce fields that contain URLs as clickable hyperlinks. The field from Salesforce must contain an “absolute” (complete) URL.  You may optionally specify the text to display in PowerPoint instead of the URL value.

Create a merge field for your hyperlink field, using the following syntax:



  • HYPERLINK: is the hyperlink field prefix.
  • FieldName is the name of your URL field as it appears in the Template Builder.
  • DisplayText is an optional suffix to provide friendly display text rather than the entire URL.

When adding a Hyperlink field to a template, format the field in blue, underlined text to provide a visual cue that the text is a link.

{{HYPERLINK:Company_Website:Visit our home page.}}

After merging, appears as:

Visit our home page.

Hyperlink fields set the value of the entire text box (or shape) and as such, should not be part of a paragraph.

Use “simple” field names with this feature—do not refer to DatasetName.

Hyperlink fields work only with Master data and SlideRepeat Detail Regions.

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