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Image Fields in PowerPoint

Conga Composer can merge images, in addition to typical field values. A common use of this is to include the logo of an Account, or a job-site photo attached to an Opportunity.

Image fields can be created either using picture placeholders or by merge fields. Each has advantages.

To merge images, the following pre-requisites must be met regarding the image files:

  • File type must be JPG or PNG
  • File must be saved with the desired height and width (recommended)
  • File must be stored in Salesforce (or on a web server) and accessible through a URL
  • If stored in Salesforce, the image file must be stored in the Documents Tab or as an attachment to a record

When you store an image in Salesforce, either on the Documents Tab or as an attachment to a record, Salesforce will assign an ID to the image record.  Conga Composer can use the URL of the image record to retrieve the image and include it in your document.

To store an image in Salesforce and create a field to hold the image’s URL:

  1. Create a text field in Salesforce to hold the URL of the image.


  2. Store an image attachment on the Documents Tab or as an attachment to a record.

  3. Click the View link that accompanies the attachment.

  4. Copy the complete URL of the image record to the clipboard.

  5. Paste the URL into a record of that has the new field created in Step 1 and save the record.

In the event that the field storing the URL does not contain a URL of an image and is therefore an empty field, the user may see an error in the merged output file.

To overcome this, the URL field must contain a value. 

If the field will sometimes be empty, one way to overcome the error seen in the output file will be to add an IF statement to a Salesforce formula field to make sure that if that URL field is empty, populate it with a generic URL of another image (for example, an empty image). 

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