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Display Table Elements as a List in PowerPoint

Typically, a detail dataset (a report or a query) is displayed in a Detail Region. However, using a TableList field, you can display a column from the Report or Query as a list of values, separated by a punctuation mark you specify.

For example, suppose you're using a report to gather a list of Contacts at a given Account:

The merge field would look like the following.  Notice the comma (,) as the last component of the field:

Using a TableList field, you can display the results in a list:

The employees at your location are Rose Gonzalez, Sean Forbes, Pablo Estrella.

To create a TableList field:

Create a  merge field with the following syntax:



DatasetName: is the name of the detail data set

FieldName: is the merge field name as displayed in the Template Builder window

Punctuation is the character that will separate the list values

You may not use a quote (") or colon (:) as the punctuation value.

Duplicate values from the list are removed automatically.