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Add Footers to Repeating Data Tables in Word

The TableGroupFooter fields allow you to display a row at the bottom of the grouped table using TableGroupStart.  This row may be used to reiterate data that’s already displayed elsewhere in the table or to display new information. 

TableGroupFooter requires TableGroupStart and must reference the same dataset.

TableGroupFooterStart and TableGroupFooterEnd



DatasetName is the name of the dataset from the Template Builder window.


After creating a grouped table using TableGroupStart, insert a row at the bottom of the table to accommodate the footer.

You may insert one merge field into the TableGroupFooter.

The TableGroupFooterStart and TableGroupFooterEnd fields must be placed within the same table row or cell.

The dataset referenced in the TableGroupFooterStart field must match:

  • The dataset referenced in the TableGroupFooterEnd field.
  • The dataset as referenced in the TableGroupStart and the detail region.



Case Review: {{ACCOUNT_NAME}}

TYPE: {{Type}} Status: {{Status}} Opened:
{{Opened_Date \@ MMM-dd-yyyy}}
Subject Number Contact Description
{{TableStart:Cases}}{{Subject}} {{Case_Number}} {{Contact_Name}} {{Description}}{{TableEnd:Cases}}

On merge, the output is formatted as below:

Case Review: Aetna Home Products

Type: Structural Status: Working Opened: Dec-09-2014
Subject Number Contact Description
Torn pump hose 00001209 Louise Brode Pump hose tore at engine filter.

Type: Mechanical Status: New Opened: Oct-08-2014
Subject Number Contact Description
Oil on shop floor 0001010 Bob Jones Tightened gasket bolts.
Blown gasket 00001006 Bob Jones 3 gaskets torn.