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Conditional TableHide using an Operator in Word

Taking the previous Conditional TableHides one step further, you can evaluate whether a specific field value is equal to, not equal to, greater than, or less than a static value or the value of another field. If the evaluation is true, the table will be hidden.  When specifying a detail dataset (report or query), the Conditional TableHide evaluates the first row of data in the specified dataset.

If using many TableHide merge fields in a template, we recommend switching to IF statements for more consistent performance.

Conditional TableHide does not support null values.

TableHide (using an Operator)



DatasetName is the name of the dataset from the Template Builder window.

FieldName is the name of the field you want to evaluate, as it appears in the Template Builder.

Operator specifies if the evaluation should be “equal to,” “not equal to,” ”greater than,” or “less than.” The supported operators are:

= Equals
<> or != Not equal to
> Greater than
< Less than

Value is the value of the field that will force Composer® to hide the table.


Both Master and detail datasets are supported.

Date fields should be formatted as month/day/year (e.g. May 13, 2014 would be 5/13/2014).






This feature is not supported when using nested SOQL queries.