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Conga Support

Custom TrueType Fonts

The Conga® servers automatically support a wide variety of TrueType fonts for Microsoft Office products.  However, if your template uses one of the fonts that is not installed with Windows®, your template may not appear as you expected.

In that case, you can submit an embeddable TTF or OTF font file to Conga Support for deployment on our servers.

 Any TTF font file submitted for deployment must be Editable or Installable—it cannot be Restricted. The font must be publicly accessible without license or cost. Font filenames must be identical to the name of the font specified in the template, including letter case and spaces. For example, if the font name specified in the template is Barcode1, the TTF or OTF filename must also be Barcode1. Variations such as barcode 1, Barcode-1, or barcode1 will fail. In that case, the default font for the template will be used.

Fonts submitted for deployment on our servers are also accessible by Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® templates.

Each customer may submit TTF files not to exceed a cumulative total file size of 10 Mb.

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