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Conga Support

How to Embed Non-Standard Fonts in Conga Word Templates

The Conga® servers automatically support a wide variety of TrueType fonts. However, if your template uses a non-standard, “embeddable” TrueType font, you may include that font in the template by embedding it into your template file.

Here’s how to embed the font in a Microsoft Word® template. Unfortunately this is supported only in the PC version of Word, not Mac. If you're a Mac user, we recommend temporarily using a PC in order to embed the font or contact our support team if you're having difficulty.

In Microsoft Word,

  1. Go to File menu > Options.
  2. Click the Save tab.
  3. Enable Embed fonts in the file. Do not enable “Embed only the characters used in the document” which would prevent merged data from appearing in the desired font.
  4. Enable “Do not embed common system fonts” to minimize the file size.
  5. Click OK.

When you embed a font, the size of your document may increase significantly. Keep in mind that Conga allows templates up to 10 MB.

Embedded fonts are not currently supported when using the &AWD (Assemble Word Documents) parameter.