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How to Use Bookmarks and References in Word Templates

This method is not supported by Conga. See a similar warning in this article: Create Word Calculation Fields.

Using Word®'s Bookmark feature is especially handy when some piece of data or text needs to be referred to at another point in the document. Reference fields make formula fields easier to read and also make changing formulas in the future more manageable. A single Reference field change that is referenced many times throughout a document takes only one update. Here we explain how to insert Word Bookmarks and add Word References to get to the desired output.

  • If a formula field can be written in Salesforce® to accomplish the same logic as what is outlined below, that is the preferable option rather than doing so in the Word template.

 Mail Merge is NOT supported.

Inserting Bookmarks:
  1. Select the entire data block (merge field or static data) and go to the Insert menu.
  2. Choose Bookmark.
  3. Type in a name for the Bookmark. A simple name is best; spaces are not allowed.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Repeat as necessary for other Bookmarks.

Adding References:
  1. Place your cursor in the desired location for the reference to appear. Go to the Insert menu.

  2. Click QuickParts > Field.

  3. Choose the Ref option (Alt+I, F, R, R is the keyboard shortcut).

  4. Select the appropriate Bookmark to Reference and click OK. That Reference is now created.