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About Detail Data in Word

Conga Composer® can display data from a Salesforce® report as detail data.

You can retrieve multiple rows of data for each master object—such as invoice line items—and then designate an area on a template that can dynamically grow to accommodate an unlimited number of detail rows. Merge fields, along with any other text, placed within a detail region will automatically repeat for each row of detail data.

Detail regions are usually created:

The data in detail regions can originate from:

  • Salesforce Report
  • SOQL query
  • Opportunity Line Items
  • Quote Line Items

When creating a detail region:

  • {{TableStart}} and {{TableEnd}} fields must be inside the same section in the document.
  • {{TableStart}} and {{TableEnd}} fields must refer to the same dataset.
  • If used within a table, {{TableStart}} and {{TableEnd}} must be on the same row, or within the same cell.
  • Detail regions must contain a pair of matching {{TableStart}} and {{TableEnd}} fields.
  • Nested detail regions are only supported with the use of nested queries; nested detail regions do not work with reports.
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How to Add Detail Regions to a Word® Template:

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How to Dynamically Group Data in Detail Regions

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