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Organize Repeating Data Tables into Groups in Word

You can group data on a column from a detail dataset by including the merge field {{TableGroup:DatasetName:FieldName:Show}} in the first row of a table.

 Do not mix and match the Tablegroupstart or End method with the Tablegroup method. You must pick one method for your template.







DatasetName is the name of the dataset from the Template Builder window.

FieldName is the name of the field from the Template Builder window, and is the field that creates the groups.

Show indicates to display the value of the field for each grouping.
Hide hides the values in the merged output file.

The Hide value is useful when grouping on a field with a value you don't want to display, such as a record ID.


The FieldName in the TableGroup field must not contain hyphens (-) or colons (:). If your field name contains these, use the SCHP parameter in your button URL to strip out punctuation from the field name.

The field names for TableStart and TableEnd must not be abbreviated and must be on the same row of the detail table.


Product Quantity Total Price

Returns on merge

Product Quantity Total Price
GenWatt Diesel 1000kW (Products) 2 200000
GenWatt Gasoline 2000W (Products) 1 150000


Product Quantity Total Price
Installation: Industrial - Medium (Services) 1 50000
SLA: Silver (Services) 1 20000