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ADJUST (Dynamic Dates) in Word

You can adjust a date merge field by including the ADJUST: prefix. For example, you could display the date 30-days past an Opportunity Close Date.

The ADJUST: prefix works with any Salesforce® date field or the Conga® TODAY or NOW fields from the System dataset, which is provided by default in the Template Builder.


MyDateField is the name of your date field (e.g. Close_Date), TODAY or NOW

Year is the number of years you want to adjust the date

Month is the number of months

Day is the number of days

Hour is the number of hours

Minute is the number of minutes

Second is the number of seconds


You must use all of the data elements (years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds).  For any element that you do not want to adjust, insert a zero (0).

Dates can be adjusted for the future or past with either a positive or negative integer: future dates are positive integers, past dates negative (e.g. 6 or -6).

You may also use a picture switch to edit how the date field will appear, e.g. {{ADJUST:Close_Date:0:0:30:0:0:0 \@ "MMMM d, yyyy"}}. However, picture switches only work with Master fields.


The value of the Close_Date field is adjusted to 30 days in the future.

The value of the Created_Date field is adjusted to 6 months ago

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