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AutoSum(Above) in Word

In performing merges that include detail regions, you may wish to include the total of a numeric column. This can be done using the {{AUTOSUM(ABOVE)}} merge field, which is ideal in the following situations:

  • The cells contain international currency values
  • The cells contain blank cells
  • The cells contain negative values formatted with parentheses

This is particularly useful with currency values that display a multi-letter currency symbol, e.g., Danish Kroner. "50,0 kr." Before AUTOSUM, the native SUM(ABOVE) would find the total, but not display the currency symbol. AUTOSUM finds the SUM and retains the currency symbol and proper thousand and decimal delimiters. Note the number of columns in the row with the AUTOSUM field must match the number of columns on the rows above it.

 The line items above this field entry must be formatted with the "\# Currency", "\# Currency0" or "\# Number" merge field formatting code. You may not use any merged-cells on the row that contains the "AUTOSUM(ABOVE)" field. Also, AUTOSUM results are static and can not be updated after the output document has been created.

AUTOSUM fields are also useful for finding the sum of negative values (that are formatted with parentheses), or across blank cells. Word (on its own) won’t add these kind of values.