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You can enhance the appearance of your merged data by employing the CHECKBOX: merge field prefix. This setting works with many kinds of Salesforce® fields: Checkbox, Number, Text, and Picklist.

Apply the CHECKBOX: Option to a Merge Field

When you apply the CHECKBOX: option to a merge field, Conga Composer® will create a square in place of the merge field. The square will either be selected (checked) or not (cleared), depending on the value of the merge field.

Checkboxes are not selected if the field value contains:

  • 0 (zero)
  • False
  • No
  • No value

Checkboxes are selected if the field value contains:

  • 1
  • True
  • Yes
  • Any non-false value



CHECKBOX: is the checkbox field prefix.

FieldName is the name of your Checkbox, Number, Text, or Picklist field, as it appears in the Template Builder.

Checkbox Fields in Protected Documents

You may also use Checkbox fields in conjunction with the “Word Protected Document” Conga Composer parameter WPD.  With this mode enabled, Composer will create a “protected” (non-editable) Word® document—except for Checkbox and TextBox fields, which remain editable in the output file.

For more information, see TEXTBOX.