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HTML in Word

Conga Composer® can render Salesforce® fields that contain HTML formatting codes as Word® rich-text.  This is particularly useful for long text fields that contain the HTML line break code (<br />) and for Salesforce Rich Text fields.  With this kind of merge field, Conga renders the line break tags as Word line-breaks.

: Images uploaded directly to Salesforce® Rich Text fields are unstable and unusable with HTML formatting in An image added to a Rich Text field with a URL formatted like the example below is acceptable: The text in red is a Salesforce® ContentVersion record Id referring to the image to be used in the Rich Text field.




FieldName is the name of the field from the Template Builder window.


Images stored directly in Rich Text fields are not supported and do not display in the output file.

To retrieve the rich text formatting, any rich text fields that are part of detail data need to be retrieved via a query rather than a report.

When using the HTML function to merge a Rich Text field containing a bulleted list, add the following picture switch to remove extraneous spaces.

  • Picture Switch: \c linetrim
  • Example: {{HTML:ACCOUNT_LIST_RTF \c linetrim}}
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