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RTL in Word

When using a language that is read from right-to-left (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew), you can identify which merge fields contain right-to-left text using the RTL: prefix.  This allows you to identify the right-to-left text on a field-by-field basis, which is especially useful if your template will utilize both right-to-left and left-to-right text – some fields can use the RTL prefix and others not so the merged output file has a mixture of both sorts of text.




Do not use the &RTLFont=1 parameter in conjunction with the RTL: merge field prefix.  The parameter specifies that the entire template should be merged in right-to-left text and will cause errors when used along with the RTL: prefix.

Word templates that include right-to-left languages are better supported by Conga Composer®’s  PDF rendering engine.  We recommend rendering your Word template as a PDF for optimum results.


Add the prefix RTL: at the beginning of the field name.

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