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SEQ (Sequence) in Word

To establish table row numbers, create a Sequence (“SEQ”) field and place it inside a detail region (between the TableStart and TableEnd fields). The field must include a label to identify which dataset you want to number. Here’s how:

Create a merge field for your sequence field, using the following syntax:


  • @SEQ: is the sequence field prefix. The at symbol (@) is required and differentiates Conga Composer®’s text-based Sequence field from Word®’s built-in Sequence field.

  • (space) a space is required between @SEQ and DatasetName

  • DatasetName is the name of the dataset (e.g. Contacts) as it appears in the Template Builder whose rows (a.k.a. results) you wish to number.

The Sequence field must refer to the same dataset as the detail region.

Place the sequence field inside of a detail region (note: the sequence field below is in blue font simply for illustrative purposes; this is not required). Below, we’re numbering the table rows for our list of Contacts:

Since the field is included in the detail region, Conga Composer will display it for each row in the table and the table rows are numbered sequentially:

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