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About Microsoft Word Merge Templates


Microsoft Word® templates are the most dynamic template type available for Conga Composer®. With Word templates, you can merge master Salesforce® data and repeating rows of detail or related data, format dates, numbers, and currencies. You can apply Word formatting and styles and use special merge fields for additional functionality like logic, formulas, and hyperlinks.

We recommend starting with Word templates to see if it can meet your needs before moving on to another template type like Excel, PowerPoint, HTML Email, and PDF.

Merge Fields

Microsoft Word templates use merge fields to map data from Salesforce into your Word document. Composer Release 8 supports two types of merge fields:

  • Traditional Word merge fields are inserted into the Word document using Word merge field functionality.
  • Text-based merge fields are inserted into the Word document by typing the merge field name surrounded by two curly brackets.

Traditional merge field:


Text-based merge field:


Merge fields are added to Word templates using the Conga Composer Template Builder.

Formatting Merge Fields

Merge fields containing dates, numbers, or currencies can be formatted using picture switches. Picture switches are added after the field name using \@ for dates and \# for numbers and currencies.

{{TODAY \@ "MMMM dd, yyyy"}}

{{ANNUAL_REVENUE \# Currency}}

For more information on formatting merge fields, see:

Detail Data

You can merge detail data into a Word template. For example, for a Composer solution running on an Opportunity, you can to merge Opportunity Product data into the template. The detail region of your template grows dynamically with rows of repeating data. For example:

Detail Region:


The output, if there were three products on the Opportunity record, would look like this;

Basic Widget $50 35 $1,750
Standard Widget $100 15 $1,500
Advanced Widget $250 10 $2,500


For more information about detail regions, see:

Special Merge Fields

Special merge fields allow you to use advanced functionality in Word templates. Below is a list of some of the common special merge fields:

  • Adjust - Adjust a date into the future or past (useful in automatically creating due dates 30 days into the future).
  • Checkbox - Create a check box that is either selected or deselected based on the value of the merge field.
  • HTML - Retain HTML rich text formatting in the output document.
  • Hyperlink - Render a clickable hyperlink and format the text of the hyperlink.
  • Image - Merge images into Word templates.
  • Replace - Replace a character with a different character (replace a ; with a bullet).
  • TableHide - Hide a table if it does not contain data.
  • TableGroup - Group data in a table based on a value in the table (useful for grouping products by Product Family).
  • SUM(Above) - Calculate values in a table and merge the result as static text.
  • IF Statements - Conditionally show or hide data based on the result of a comparison.
  • Watermark - Merge a watermark into your Word document.

Template Library

Visit the Composer Release 8 Template Library to see examples of Word templates.