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Dynamic Currency Formats in Word

You can format currency values based on a value stored in a Salesforce® field.

To format currency values based on a Salesforce field:

  1. On a Salesforce object, create a picklist field and populate it with culture code values.

    For a list of available culture codes, see Supported Culture Codes.

  2. In the Conga Composer® button URL, insert the CurrencyCulture parameter and the related object and field in the following format:


    For an Opportunity object containing a field named Culture:

  3. Format the currency fields in your template using the “\# Currency” picture switch.

    { MERGEFIELD Opportunity_LineItem_SalesPrice \# Currency }

Disable Wrap Text in cells that use Currency formatting to keep the value and the symbol on the same line. How?

Navigate to Table > Table Properties > Cell > Options and clear the Wrap Text check box.

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