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Embedding Graphic Files in Merge Templates in Word

You can embed graphic files (such as your company’s logo) in your merge templates to improve its appearance.

Please follow these rules when embedding graphics in your templates:

  • Graphic files must be JPG or PNG files – certain other file types may prevent proper merging of data or may not merge at all

  • Use the smallest possible file size that will provide adequate resolution.

In Conga® Mail Merge situations, remember that graphics are included on every page, dramatically increasing the file size:

Running a Conga Mail Merge solution to produce 1,000 documents for a template file of 250 KB (including graphics) would result in a total merge output file size of 250 MB.

You can reduce the file size of your graphic images by using a graphics utility program, such as Adobe Photoshop®, Paint.NET®, or Image Resizer (part of the Microsoft PowerToys® collection).