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Conga Support

Unsupported Word Features

Conga Composer® currently won't work with every feature available in a Microsoft Word® document.  We encourage you to test your specific requirements with Conga®.

Known Limitations

  • FORMTEXT fields

  • Office 2007/2010/2013 Digital Signatures

  • Password protection (“Read Only Enforced” or “Read Only Recommended”).
    The Word file must be editable in order for Composer to merge data to it. To utilize password protection, please see TextBox fields and the &WPD (Word protected document) and &WPDPW (Word protected document password) parameters

  • Track Revisions Enabled with unaccepted revisions. To resolve this, go to Review > Changes > Accept All Changes.

  • The use of gradient backgrounds in Word templates

  • Nested IF statements, where the else value is another conditional IF statement work with Conga Composer

    •   Conga does not support nested IF statements in Microsoft Word. The recommended alternative to nested IF statements in Microsoft Word is to use the native IF and CASE Logical Functions in Salesforce formulas.