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Appearance Parameters

This page contains links to the parameters belonging to this category. If you need more information about parameters in general and how to use them, visit the following links:

Before You Start: A Few Rules About Parameters  |  Adding Parameters to a Solution  |  How Parameters are Formatted


You can preset certain user interface settings on the Conga Composer dialog and restrict the user’s ability to alter the settings.

This is a navigation and convenience feature, not a security feature. Though the parameters are deliberately cryptic to obscure their purpose, a determined user could potentially alter them in a URL and override the intended behavior.


DS0 specifies whether to disable Conga Composer dialog box controls.

DS1 disables the Merge button.

DS2 disables the Email button.

DS3 disables the Activity Logging options.

DS4 locks the list of template choices so that a user cannot select a different template.

DS5 disables View Data options.

DS6 disables View Template options.

DS7 bypasses the Conga Composer dialog box and runs a solution in background mode.

DS8 displays the Local Template tab.

DS9 disables Template Builder options.

DS10 disables the Attach File button in the Conga Email Editor.

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