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Conga Contracts parameters

This page contains links to the parameters belonging to this category. If you need more information about parameters in general and how to use them, visit the following links:

Before You Start: A Few Rules About Parameters  |  Adding Parameters to a Solution  |  How Parameters are Formatted


You can use these parameters when using Conga Composer as the document generation engine for Conga Contracts.


DataTagEnable creates data tags in the output document that allows changes to the document to be tracked and synced into Salesforce when negotiation is done.

RM allows merge fields within merge fields. Recursive merge is useful when merging clauses from the Clause Library that contain merge fields.

DS7 with a value of 111 and 112 allows you to run Composer in Background Mode and send the document for negotiation. Additionally, this allows you to use a Conga Email Template.