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Advanced Data Formatting Parameter

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Parameter Value: [5-character language/country code]


Specify cultural settings for currency and date formatting.

Overrides the default cultural settings for currency and date formatting. Useful in Word templates that format currency fields with \# Currency picture switch.

This parameter is similar to &CurrencyCulture, but also formats the date as well as currency.

Valid options to use as the value of the parameter are available here: language/country culture codes.

 The Culture parameter will not overwrite the date format of the Company's locale, only if the date field is being populated via a query. Master data is unaffected. A workaround would be to create a formula field on the same object the date field is on. You don’t have to add the field on your layout, just bring it in via the query.

Here is the formula field’s (return type text) syntax:
TEXT(Month(Date_Test__c)) + "/" + LPAD(TEXT(Day(Date_Test__c)),2,"0") + "/" + LPAD(TEXT(YEAR(Date_Test__c)),2,"0")

This formula field takes the highlighted field and populates data in the same order the Month, Date, and Year appears in.