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Automation-Background Mode Parameter

Active 1

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [0, 1 or 2]

* Requires:   DS7 set to anything except 3 or 13.



Background Mode Preview

Allows the end-user to preview the merged file before delivering the file according to the specific DS7 mode, preview each page of the merged output file, and choose options to download the file.

This parameter is not compatible with CongaEmailTemplateId parameter. The DS7Preview parameter is compatible with Word and PDF templates. This parameter does not work with PowerPoint or Excel templates.

Value Definition
0 Background Mode Preview is not enabled. (Default)
1 Background Mode Preview is enabled and the merged document can be previewed before sending through the background action.
2 Background Mode Preview is enabled and the document download tray is removed from the background preview UI.


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