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Data Tag Enable

This parameter is meant specifically for Composer solutions used with Conga Contracts.  When enabled, it creates data tags in the output document that allows changes to the document to be tracked and synced to Salesforce using the True-Up feature. 

When enabling this parameter, the Query Aliases in the Composer button become case-sensitive in the template document. 

You must include the ID field for each relevant object included in the SELECT statement of your query to properly create the data tags in your document. For example, the below query retrieves the ID and Account. ID fields along with the data to be merged:

SELECT ID, Name, Amount, Account.Name, Account.ID
FROM Opportunity
WHERE Opportunity.ID = '{pv0}'
Value Definition
0 Data Tag disabled.
1 Data Tag enabled with bookends.


 The DataTagEnable parameter currently does not work with custom lookup fields or the TableGroup Word function. 


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