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Data Gathering Parameters

This page contains links to the parameters belonging to this category. If you need more information about parameters in general and how to use them, visit the following links:

Before You Start: A Few Rules About Parameters  |  Adding Parameters to a Solution  |  How Parameters are Formatted


These parameters help you gather data.


ContactID defines the related Contact drop-down menu in the Conga Composer Interface.

ID sets the master object ID.

QueryID retrieves and executes the SOQL query stored in the Salesforce record and makes the results available in the Template Builder window.

ReportID retrieves the contents of the specified report and makes the report contents available in the Template Builder window.

DV0 inserts a value into the Master data set without requiring a custom field in Salesforce.

QVar0ID executes a Querystring Variable and uses the result as a value for another parameter.

QVar0Format specifies the format of a QVar ​query. 

ReportVar specifies a placeholder variable for one or more reports.

XMD excludes Master object data.

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