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DocuSign Integration Parameter

Active 1

Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [ApiFieldName]

* Requires:    DocuSignCustomFieldValue



DocuSign Custom Field

Sets the name of a custom field to set on the DocuSign Envelope Record created through the merge process. Use the Salesforce API name of the field on the DocuSign Envelope Custom Object. This parameter is designed to be used for those DocuSign Envelope fields that do not already have a corresponding Conga Composer parameter.

You can use a total of 12 DocuSign custom fields and values with the format DocuSignCustomField, DocuSignCustomField1, DocuSignCustomField2, ... DocuSignCustomField10, DocuSignCustomField11.

This parameter updates a field value on the Docusign Envelope record in Salesforce. It does not update any fields in the Docusign for Salesforce UI.

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