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DocuSign Integration Parameter

Active 1

Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [Demo,Test, Preview, EU, NA2, Prod, AU]


Configure Button to Specific DocuSign Endpoint (or subdomain)

 This parameter is required when processes run completely in background mode, for example when using DS7=17 or QMode=DocuSign. If you are not using these parameters, only use this parameter if your endpoint is something other than Production, such as a DocuSign developer account.  Without use of this parameter, the default endpoint is Prod

Configures a Conga Composer button to connect to a specific DocuSign endpoint other than the DocuSign production endpoint.

This value is pulled from the DocuSign URL. For example, for a DocuSign URL of, the parameter value would be demo.

This advanced parameter is typically used only by DocuSign account engineers.