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DocuSign Integration Parameter

Active 1

0 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [RSA or SMS]

* Requires:   DocuSignR1IdCheck and DocuSignR1IdCheckType are both required to use the ID check feature.
If DocuSignR1IdCheckType is SMS, then DocuSignR1IdCheckSMSPhone is also required.
This parameter also requires DocuSignTag or a fully automated solution (DS7=17, Conga Trigger, or Conga Batch). Available for international numbers see example.




DocuSign Recipient ID Check Type for Recipient 1

Provides ID Check or SMS text authentication for DocuSign documents.

This parameter can be used 24 times by changing the number after R. DocuSignR2, DocuSignR3, DocuSignR4, ... DocuSignR24.

DocuSign ID Check Parameters provide an additional layer of security in confirming that the recipient of the DocuSign Envelope is the correct person.

To use these parameters contact DocuSign to enable these features in your production Salesforce Org. Additional fees for these DocuSign features may be required; contact DocuSign to learn more.

Value Definition

Initiates the ID Check Authentication option, and the recipient is prompted to complete an identity check.

 RSA corresponds to KBA in DocuSign.


Initiates the SMS Authentication, where the recipient is prompted to select a mobile phone number to use for authentication.

If SMS is used, a mobile phone number must be specified using DocuSignR1CheckSMSPhone .