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Conga Support



DocuSign Integration Parameter

Active 1

0 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [0 or 1]


DocuSign Recipient Sign Now for Recipient 1

Enables the DocuSign Sign Now functionality with Conga. To be used in conjunction with the DocuSign Sign in Person feature (see&DocuSignR1SIPName). When &DocuSignR1SignNow is used, clicking Send Now redirects the user to the DocuSign signing experience.

This parameter is only supported for the first signer/recipient.

Only applicable to DocuSign for Salesforce (DfS); not for use with DocuSign tag parameters or &DS7=17, &QMode=DocuSign (Conga Batch/Conga Trigger), or &APIMode=17.

To use these parameters contact DocuSign to enable these features in your production Salesforce Org. Additional fees for these DocuSign features may be required; contact DocuSign to learn more.

Value Definition
0 DocuSign Sign Now functionality is disabled. (Default)
1 DocuSign Sign Now functionality is enabled.