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DocuSign Integration Parameter

Active 1

Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [text]


DocuSign Recipient Type for Recipient 1

Sets the recipient type.

This parameter can be used 24 times by changing the number after R. DocuSignR2, DocuSignR3, DocuSignR4, ... DocuSignR24.

When used with the Docusignr1ID parameter, the DocuSignR1Type parameter is not required using earlier versions of DocuSign for Salesforce (versions 6.9 and earlier). The DocuSignR1Type parameter is required with Docusign for Salesforce versions 7 and greater. If it is not used, the There was an issue processing the Composer request error message is returned.

Value Description


The recipient must sign, initial, date or add data to tags on the documents in the envelope. Signer must be capitalized.


The recipient should get a copy of the envelope, but does not need to sign, initial, date or add information to any of the documents.


The recipient must receive the completed documents for the envelope to be completed, but does not need to sign, initial, date or add information to any of the documents.


The recipient will sign the document in person with the DocuSign administrator. The DocuSign Envelope will be emailed to the DocuSign administrator specified with the corresponding DocuSignRxSIPName parameter Salesforce UserID value.

* Requires:   &DocuSignRxSIPName=[Text]


The recipient can add name and email information for recipients who appear after the recipient in Conga Trigger order.


The recipient has the same management and access rights for the envelope as the sender and can make changes to the envelope as if using the Advanced Correct feature. The recipient can add name and email information, add or change the routing order and set authentication options for the remaining recipients. Additionally, this recipient can edit signature/initial tabs and data fields for the remaining recipients.