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Activity Logging Parameter

Active 1

1 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [APIFieldName]

* Requires:   MFTSValue0 and UF0




Master Field to Set

Member_Status__c field is updated with a value of Patron every time the Composer solution runs.

The UF0 parameter is the pre-requisite that turns on the Composer Update Fields feature.

The MFTS0 parameter identifies the field to update. This should be the API Name of the field.

The MFTSValue0 parameter defines the value you want to update the field with.

 You can increment the MFTS and MFTSValue parameters to update additional fields. See MFTS1 and MFTSValue1. If you have a CHECKBOX on your object that you want enabled when you merge, set your MFTSValue to TRUE. Master Field to Set does not work with Global Merge Solutions

UF0, MFTSValue0​

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