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Activity Logging Parameter

Active 1

1 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [text]

* Requires:    UF0, MFTS0




Master Field to Set Value

The value of the master field to be set. Do not use with &, %, < or >or other special characters.

You can use TODAY to set the Master Field to Set Value to today's date: &MFTSValue0={!TEXT(TODAY())} or &MFTSValue0=TODAY or &MFTSValue0={!Today} 

 You can add days using this syntax: &MFTSValue0={!TEXT(TODAY()+7)

If run in a formula (using Conga Batch or Conga Trigger), TODAY needs to be treated as Static text: "&MFTSValue0="+ {!TEXT( TODAY() )} +

If you are using a date/time field you should use this syntax: &MFTSValue0=Now 

Do not use parentheses around Master Field values. For example, do not use TODAY() or Now().

When referencing a standard checkbox field with the MFTS parameter, use True as the MFTSValue: