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Advanced Control Parameter

Active 1

1 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [0,1, or 2]


On-Close, No Refresh

Disables the default behavior when the Close button is clicked. By default, the Salesforce record is refreshed when Close is clicked.

  If your Composer Solution involves sending an email, the OCNR parameter can cause the solution to send the following error: "There was an issue sending the Composer request."  To avoid this error, ensure background mode (the DS7=12 parameter) is enabled. If you are using &OCNR=0, close Composer by clicking Return to record.

Value Definition


Salesforce record is refreshed. (default) 


Salesforce record is not refreshed.



Prevents Conga Composer from reloading the window when a merge completes. 

 This parameter value is only for Salesforce environments with Lightning Console enabled, and is only applicable when using the DS7 background mode parameter with all values except 3. 


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