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Output Parameter

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Release 7

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Parameter Value: [text and/or merge field]


Output File Name

Sets the Output File Name, overriding the default name of the file.

 You may use static text or merge field names for the values to place in the filename. Use a plus sign (+) to represent literal spaces.

 Do not include symbols unsupported in filenames,:,#,", \, /, >, <, etc.  Character length is from 2 to 80 characters.

The following special fields can also be used as the value of the OFN parameter:


This special field refers to the template label or template name (as defined in the Conga Template record or the Salesforce template repository). If using a local template, the filename appears in place of the label.


This special field refers to the 15 character Salesforce ID of a Conga Template or Salesforce template repository record. It does not apply to local templates.

Multiple Templates

When merging multiple templates, you may optionally designate individual output file names for each template by including the output file name in brackets before the template Id specified:


 You may not use {Template.Label} nor {Template.Id} within the brackets before the template Id is specified.  An error will occur if attempted: "The following template Id/s do not exist or are not accessible and will be omitted:"

 Internet Explorer 7 will replace spaces in a file name with the web--safe characters %20 if the output file is opened before saving to disk. For example, the file in the usage example above would appear as ABC%20Corp.%20-%20Quote.doc if the file is opened before saving to disk.

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