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Output Parameters

This page contains links to the parameters belonging to this category. If you need more information about parameters in general and how to use them, visit the following links:

Before You Start: A Few Rules About Parameters  |  Adding Parameters to a Solution  |  How Parameters are Formatted


The Output File Parameters Group lists the parameters that primarily affect the behavior of the merge templates used in a merge operation. 


AmazonS3Visible enables Amazon S3 as an output option on the Conga Composer user interface,

APDF specifies whether multiple PDF documents are consolidated into one.

APF specifies whether PowerPoint output files are assembled.

AttachmentID specifies that the attachments associated with the Salesforce IDs will be automatically selected.

AttachmentParentId specifies the Salesforce record where the output file is attached.

AttachmentSourceID specifies the Salesforce ID of an object that allows attachments.

AWD specifies whether Word documents are assembled (and if so, how).

DefaultPDF sets the default output file type.

DisableRowNums disables row numbering for detail datasets.

FP0 locks the output file format.

LiveEditEnable checks the Live Edit checkbox by default.

LiveEditVisible makes the Live Edit check box available in the Conga Composer user interface.

MTOFN specifies a file name when using multiple templates or batches.

OFN specifies the output file name.

Select Attachments specifies that the Salesforce ID of up to 20 attachments of the master object will be included in an Attachments tab for an end-user to select during the merge process.

ZipFiles specifies whether output files are grouped.

ZipPDFs specifies that PDF documents generated in the merge process should be zipped (compressed).

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