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Data Gathering Parameter

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1 Release 7

1  Release 8


Parameter Value: [code]


Querystring Variable Format

Formats the result of a QVar query. The value consists of a five digit "code" where the first digit is the value for A, the second B, the third C, and so on. Use the values below to define the desired formatting results.

A= Delimiter between data elements [0=none, 1=comma, 2=pipe, 3=semi-colon, 4=colon, 5=hyphen] (2-Pipe is useful for delimiting values that are passed to a Report/Query)

B = Symbol to enclose each data element [0=none, 1=apostrophes, 2=quotes]

C = Symbol after delimiter [0=none, 1=space]

D = Truncate each data element to 15-characters [0=off, 1=on] (Useful when passing values to a Salesforce Report/Query)

E = Reserved for future use

 Also available: QVar1Format, QVar2Format

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